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Our totally integrated marketplace makes shipping easier than ever

When you request a quote or book your shipment through the 7ConNetwork marketplace, you enter a worldwide network of logistics providers integrated with a state-of-the-art quotation and booking platform. When expertise meets technology, the result is the best services at the best prices.

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We’re not “just” another tech company

We’re going against the trend of many tech startups specializing in tech, and then trying to understand the shipping and forwarding industry. Our shipping and forwarding expertise came first and now drives the tech. 

We combine years of experience and knowledge of the forwarding industry with the latest technology to bring you the very best shipping solution for your import/export business.


We know how to move freight

7ConNetwork offers a multi-modal concept, which means we can transport your cargo no matter how and where you want it to go. And the 7ConNetwork experts are ready to move any type of cargo you’ve got. 

Our platform of experts can handle general cargo, e-commerce cargo, time-critical cargo, hazardous cargo, live animals, project cargo and anything else you may need. We can move it, by a click-and-connect to the right partner.


See each shipment all the way through

When you ship via 7ConNetwork you get total visibility and control throughout each shipment. Receive on-demand information about your shipment at every stage, and you can even set up push notifications to your mobile phone. 

All information relating to your shipment and documents, including invoices and settlement receipts, are stored all in one place- for optimum visibility. 


And it's all free!

Shippers can join our marketplace for free. We provide you with the latest updates, trending information, services and prices in the market. On top of all this, you also get free access to our guides and tutorials to ensure you become a shipping expert on the 7ConNetwork booking platform.  
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