7ConNetwork Payment Protection Plan

We select our members carefully and offer them exclusivity based on their strength and market position. On top of that, we provide our members with a proven payment and settlement system plus a payment protection plan. 7ConNetwork creates business opportunities and reduces risk management. The 7ConNetwork Payment Protection Plan is a self-funding plan grown by the yearly fees of its members.

7ConNetwork Payment Protection Plan Benefits

  • Working with 7ConNetwork gives you the security that your payments are done in time
  • Credit Alert Reporting System
  • Mandatory to all members
  • Low annual protection fee of EURO 500
  • Payment security up to USD 25.000
  • We settle your claims effeciently and promptly
  • Clear terms and conditions - download

You can file your claim via below Alert Reporting System

In order to receive payment from the 7ConNetwork Payment Protection Plan, the recipient must report its receivables not before 60 days and no later than 90 days through the Credit alert tool. Failure to do so will result possibly in a payment failure.

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Are you reporting any single invoice that is overdue over 60 days?

Are you reporting between 60 - 90 days from month's end statement

Are you reporting any single invoice that is over 10.000 USD invoice/transaction

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