The 9 Best Holiday Gifts for the Freight Forwarder in Your Life

Alexa McPherson, 10 December 2021

The holidays are finally here and now it's time to shower your loved ones with meaningful gifts. We know the world of shipping and logistics is super complex for outsiders, so we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts you can get for your beloved freight forwarder. 

What a year it has been, especially for your dear freight forwarder spouse, parent or friend. The holidays can be a good time to thank them for keeping the world’s goods moving. But what gifts should you get them?

We all know the best gifts are the ones which are thoughtful and personal. Gifts which tell your loved-one that you have been paying attention to them all year long. 

So here are 9 extra special gifts that the best freight forwarder you know is sure to love: 

#1 For the forwarder who needs "space"

They’ve probably been talking about space a lot recently. Get them the perfect tool for their latest obsession- a stargazer telescope. They should certainly be able to find all the space they need with this!



#2 Stress-relieving Stocking Stuffer

A new stress ball to replace the one they’ve popped this year. This makes a great stocking stuffer and experts predict they’ll probably need it until at least Q2 of 2022.  

#3 A Damage Control Device

Fire extinguisher to help them with putting out fires- daily, apparently. We’ve only recently discovered that their offices seem to be very flammable. At this point, we have to wonder, if  there is anything left in the office that can still burn?  


#4 The one thing they need but can never seem to find

A brand new set of containers! Now they won't have to go looking for containers when they need them. Maybe they will put them in a better location this time, so they can get to them easier when they need to use them.

*Our partners at Container xChange can help you find containers


#5 Suitable costmetics to freshen up after a hard year

We recommend a strong hair regrowth serum to replace the chunks of hair they’ve been pulling out of their heads all year. Go the extra mile and also include a bottle of hair dye to cover their shiny new grey hairs. 


#6 Vacation package to one of the year's most talked about locations

Speaking of going extra miles- your spouse or parent clearly needs a vacation and this year they have probably been dropping a lot of hints on 2 particular locations. Let them know you’ve been listening and give them an all inclusive travel package to the hottest spots of the year: Los Angeles-Long Beach, California or Suez, Egypt!


#7 A small something to clear up their congestion problem

We have another great stocking stuffer that will be sure to provide your freight forwarder with comfort and relief. A nasal apparatus for the severe congestion they’ve been experiencing all year long. Get well soon, guys!


#8 Evergreen trees that everyone has been raving about

For the gift that keeps on “ever”giving, get them a cyprus evergreen potted tree. We recommend including a beginner's gardening shovel just in case they need to dig anything out of the dirt first.


#9 A business growth strategy for 2022

Finally the best gift you can give to an independent small to mid-sized forwarder, is an annual membership to a global freight forwarder network. Help take away some of the pressure the market is putting on them and give the gift of opportunity. Learn more about the key services the best freight forwarder network should offer here.  

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