How Freight Forwarders Can Build Relationships in the Digital Space

Alexa McPherson, 04 August 2023

Evaluating and trusting digital platforms and partners is a painstaking task. But we have several tips to make international freight forwarders feel at ease.

In today's connected world, international freight forwarders are using digital platforms more and more to find potential partners. While these platforms offer great opportunities, they also bring new challenges in trusting companies you've never met face-to-face. And we have all heard stories from friends, family, and colleagues about clever scams and online fraud.


This article gives valuable tips on how to evaluate and build trust with potential partners you find online, helping freight forwarders make smart decisions in their collaborations.

How to identify credible companies

Start by doing thorough research on the company's online presence. Check out their website and see what they're up to on social media and to whom they are connected. A professional and well-maintained online presence usually means they are legitimate. Look for clear information about what they do and who works there, as well as regular updates and engagement with their followers. You can also check industry forums, forwarding network agent lists, and other professional sources to learn about their reputation.


Online reviews and company profiles on the websites of forwarder networks can give you insight into how trustworthy a company is and what customers and partners think about them. Platforms like Google let customers review businesses, so pay attention to the patterns in the feedback. While being careful of extremely positive or negative reviews, consistent positive feedback is a good sign.



To double-check a company's legitimacy, compare the contact information they provide with other sources. You can call or email them to confirm their details. Domain registration lookup tools can also give you information about their website's registration and ownership, which adds another layer of validation.

Evaluating communication and customer support

Good communication is key to building trust with potential partners. See how the company communicates, how quickly they respond, and how helpful they are when you ask questions or raise concerns. A reliable partner will be prompt, professional, and willing to address any issues you have.

How to build trust with potential partners

Consider starting with smaller collaborations before committing to big contracts. This way, you can see firsthand how reliable and communicative the company is.


Open and regular communication is essential in any partnership. Be clear about what you expect and encourage your potential partner to do the same. Regular check-ins help maintain a good relationship and keep everyone on the same page. Meeting face-to-face at events like freight forwarder network conferences and summits can also strengthen the bond of the relationship.

Aligning values and goals

Check if the company's values and goals match yours. Research their mission statement, vision, and core values to understand how and why they do business. If possible, connect with current or former employees and partners on professional platforms like LinkedIn or through an international freight forwarder network like 7ConNetwork to learn more about them. Being part of the same forwarding networks is a great indication of common goals and interests. Plus many forwarding networks like 7ConNetwork take care of vetting their members as well.


Making secure transactions

When it comes to payments, choose secure and traceable methods. Look for platforms that offer payment protection services to keep your transactions safe. For example, 7ConNetwork offers a payment protection plan for transactions which take place amongst all members who hold a Plus or Premium Membership.

Find success in new online relationships

It's completely possible to establish trust with companies you meet on online platforms. By doing thorough research, starting with small projects, communicating openly, aligning values and culture, and joining freight forwarding networks, international freight forwarders can build strong and long-lasting relationships. These collaborations not only help businesses grow but also contribute to the success of the freight forwarding industry. Being careful and thoughtful but open in the digital world will surely lead forwarders to a bright future.

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