18 Must Read Posts on LinkedIn about the Suez Canal Incident

Alexa McPherson, 24 March 2021

Suez Canal Blockage

The Evergreen ship, Ever Given, is lodged sideways in the Suez Canal, completely blocking traffic through one of the world’s most critical canals. Logisticians all over the world took to LinkedIn to share important insights, thoughts on the situation and leave their two-cents. And we're on social media for the two-cents, right?

From expert analysts to local comedians, we’ve compiled a list of the 18 best posts on LinkedIn that will leave you either more informed, inspired or with a lighthearted chuckle.


  1. The short and sweet, plain text expertise from the CEO of Sea Intelligence. (Some of the most valuable free logistics insight reagulary available on LinkedIn.) Here he breaks it down into simple numbers, allowing us to grasp the magnitude and forthcoming implications:



  1. The CEO of Evergreen Theragnostics that would like to assure you he’s doing all that he can to restore global trade.

And as a pharmaceutical company official, to be fair, there’s probably not too much he can do:



  1. A tech company providing a useful list with information on the vessels affected. We do love a good list:



  1. The positive vibes we all need to get through the week:



  1. The deliverer of inside information direct from the people on the ground:



  1. A humorous and clever diagram to make a niche group of folks chuckle: :



  1. The easy-on the eyes video for those who’d rather not commit to reading a long article:



  1. Oh the irony!



  1. The responsible post giving credit to the original poster of the viral instagram picture that is now the poster image for this incident. Also reminding us the result that directly affects us: EXPECT DELAYS:



  1. This master of puns that has been waiting for his time to shine:



  1. Another Austin Powers fan, but with better graphic design skills:



  1. This great mesage to shippers… And yes, we are sick of the word "unprecedented". (Also, refreshing to see that LA/LB port congestion isn’t the subject of this weeks’ headlines.)



  1. A realization that is hopefully not a prediction of the future:



  1. Probably the most relatable post on LinkedIn right now:


Full view:


  1. An opportunist in action:



  1. A request for a caption challenge that produced this comedy gold: “Suez this gonna make my shipment late?” -Yes mate, it certainly is.



  1. And finally, the friendly reminder that no matter how bad its going, it could always get worse:



  1. Or even worse:


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